INCREASE - Interdisciplinary competence development for youth workers in residential youth care and crisis intervention centres


Young people who live in residential youth care homes often have complex needs and have the most difficult backgrounds. These complex needs include; suffering from mental health, poor educational attainment, substance misuse and youth offending to name a few. Staff in residential youth care homes deal with such complex needs on a day to day basis. Staff can become over burdened with such a range of complex issues, particularly if there is a lack of cooperation from relevant expert institutions and services. With staff being so overburdened the complex issues that young people face could escalate to the stage where they need a higher level of support than can be provided at the residential youth care home , creating further instability for the young person. By the time that these young people are provided a new form of support these young people are often labelled as 'being beyond help'.

In order to avoid the above displacement of young people this project is focused on identifying the skills gap and the demand for further training of staff in residential youth care homes. In particular this project is looking at developing training on areas of multidisciplinary ananmnesis and diagnosis, targeted intervention and cooperation and networking amongst services.
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